Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally getting images up of the shibori panels after dye work.  2 of these panels are being entered in the Cauble Creek Invitational Art Exhibit along with a felted vessel.

This panel was dyed with a MX and then vat dyed in Indigo but the fiber reactive dye is not noticeable, perhaps there is a faint toning of the background.  The indigo though took very well.

This panel was first painted with 2 MX dyes and then vat dyed with indigo, creating a complex background that the photo can only hint at. Here's a close up:

And the third panel also painted with MX dyes and then in a brown vat dye:

The next warp will be exploring shibori with an overshot threading and exploring other MX/vat dye combinations.

This felted vessel is made from Jacob wools. Before I developed leukemia we had a refuge farm, our sheep were a big part of my life and the cord represents the tie that I still feel for them even after three years.  

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