Friday, August 22, 2014

A Busy Weaving Year

Many new things have come off the loom and many new pieces are in process for the up coming holiday season. Thought I would post some newer pictures and will add more as I get finished. Firstly let me show my new artist photo so you know what I look like! And the loom.  
 Below shows some fabric I dyed and wove for Puzzle Apparel, I hand painted the tencel threads before weaving, this is a picture of it in the weaving process:

This is a good example of the Kimono Jackets I've designed, I have woven several different fabrics that turned out great and have gone to new homes ( before having their pictures taken!)

Here's a hand painted chenille scarf, they have been so popular!  Painting the chenille is lots of fun but weaving it is less so, chenille is finicky but the finished pieces are worth all the trouble. The North Carolina landscape is a great source of inspiration for combining colors.

Right now I'm just finishing up some fabric to sew into a Ruanna,  and as soon as I have done some surface design I'll post pictures.


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