Sunday, October 7, 2012

Coral Reef #2 & 3

Art Exhibit Open Now at Rail Walk Studios & Gallery, Salisbury, NC.

My first exhibit opened Oct. 5th with very nice support from the community and fellow studio artists.

The 2 pieces on the left are hand painted in a weave which has cells that call to mind the texture of corals.  The dyes were painted on the threads using a pastel study. After weaving the piece it was hand sewn to a lined support,  velcro holds it to the birch panel. Coral Reef #1 has already gone to a new home.

Bird Feather Scarves     

These tencel scarves are narrow at 3.5" and I used a twill design with changes in the thread density to create a feather with a dense center for the quill.  I hand painted the tencel with the colors of cardinals and woodpeckers as my inspiration. I have more tencel ready to be painted to continue the series.

Time & Space 

The above panels are created from scorched & heat treated painted textile with hand woven copper wire (salvaged from motors) incorporated.

More pictures to follow.

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